Have a question about our handcrafted jewelry? In our FAQ you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked jewelry questions answered by Sea+Stone founder & Graduate Gemologist.

Q: What is "Vermeil"?

A: Vermeil (pronounced ver-MAY) is gold plated over sterling silver. To be considered vermeil by the FTC, the gold must be at least 10 karat and must be at least 2.5 micrometers thick. We use a combination of 14k, 18k, and 24k vermeil in our jewelry. We like using this material, because unlike gold-fill or other gold-plated jewelry, vermeil maintains its intrinsic value over time since it has a precious metal beneath the plating.


Q: I saw a style on social media, but cannot find it on your site. Is it sold out?

A: We strive to represent as much of our jewelry as possible on our website. We do, however, also create many small batch and one-of-a-kind pieces that may not be listed on the Sea+Stone website. To catch the newest designs that don’t make it to the website, follow us on Facebook & Instagram @seaandstonejewelry. We are always happy to create an order for a piece that you discover on our social media. When we receive an order through a social media platform, we process it by emailing an invoice that is payable online via credit card.


Q: Can you recreate a lost earring?

A: Due to the fact that we create small-batch, handcrafted jewelry, we only make/sell our earrings in pairs, and unfortunately cannot sell them individually. If you lose one earring from a pair, we will treat the creation of a matching earring like a custom order. Please send us an image of your earring, and we will assess if another can be made. If we can create another, we will require a 50% deposit up-front and will give you a time estimate on how long it will take to source materials and create a new one. When completed, we will charge the remaining cost, applicable sales tax & shipping.


Q: Do you really collect all of your shells?

A: It is true, all Sea+Stone shell jewelry is a result of good old-fashioned beachcombing! What we find is all up to chance and mother nature- which makes each piece very special to create. I find as many shells as I can on coastlines that allow shelling. I never collect shells with living animals still dwelling in them. Friends and family also help me collect shells from around the coastal US. We never use pre-purchased or wholesale shells. 


Q: Are all your antlers "natural sheds"?

A: While many of the antlers used in Sea+Stone jewelry are sheds, we cannot guarantee the origin of each antler used in our jewelry. I source our antlers from friends and family who find them while shed hunting, but have also used antlers donated to me by whitetail deer hunters. 


Q: Where is Sea+Stone jewelry made?

A: Our materials come from all around the world, but Sea+Stone Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA! Our semi-precious collection is designed and fabricated in our studio located in Southern Pines, NC. 


Q: Can you create a custom jewelry piece? 

A: I enjoy creating special, one-of-a-kind custom pieces. I like to consult with each customer individually before accepting any custom project to make sure it is a good fit for me as an artist and that we are aligned on our vision for the final piece. Sea+Stone reserves the right to accept or refuse any custom order request. We value our aesthetic, design principles,, and craftsmanship, and stand behind every piece that we make. If we don’t feel that a request is a good match for our skills or brand image, we will politely decline it. Custom orders are handcrafted to your specifications, and are therefore final sale. If the project costs over $300, a 50% deposit is required up-front. I can create jewelry using customer's antlers, shells, shark teeth- but due to the intricacies of our casting or gilding processes, these types of projects typically take 6 weeks to complete. Custom projects that utilize materials that I have in stock can be fulfilled in a much shorter time frame.
Q: Do you wholesale your jewelry?
A: Yes, right now we have close to 20 stockists in the Southeastern USA. Stockists must be brick & mortar retail locations with valid resale certificate. 
Minimum Order Requirements:
$500 minimum opening order 
$200 minimum reorder


All wholesale orders are on a COD or CREDIT CARD basis only. 

Credit Card orders are pre-authorized for payment prior to packing of shipment. All credit cards are billed at time of shipment. All orders received are considered “On Hold” until a credit card number with name, expiration date, billing zipcode, and cvc are received.