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We’re so excited to discuss creating a custom piece with you! If you would like to start the journey towards creating your piece or gather more information about the process, please fill out the Custom Order Form below.


Sea+Stone™  reserves the right to accept or refuse any custom order request. We value our aesthetic, design principals, and craftsmanship, and stand behind every piece that we make. If we don’t feel that a request is a good match for our skills or brand image, we will politely decline it.


Sea+Stone™  only works in gold, sterling silver, vermeil, and natural gemstones. We cannot accept custom orders for jewelry made of glass beads, synthetic gemstones, or non-precious metals.


The gold that we use is recycled, but we cannot reuse gold or materials from your personal heirloom jewelry to create a new piece.


If the custom piece that you would like to have made meets the above criteria, please fill out the form below. Please email the completed form to us at info@seaandstonejewelry.com. Once we review the information, we will call you to further discuss your desired piece and our process!