Thursday Explorations

It was 75 degrees and sunny yesterday in New York, so I decided it was a good day to get out of the apartment and explore! I spent the majority of my day walking around the Upper West Side and Central Park. I really only ended up in the Upper West Side because I hopped on the wrong train and overshot my destination by about 20 blocks! But it was really nice! It has been a while since I have ventured out of East Village or The Diamond District. Each neighborhood really has such a unique vibe, and heading uptown yesterday felt a bit like stepping into another world.  I took a stroll through a farmers market, lounged in central park, then made my way to The Museum of Art and Design just at the Southwest corner of the park. I planned my museum visit rather poorly since the jewelry & photography exhibit that I had intended on seeing closed earlier this week. Despite missing the jewelry, I decided to take a peak through the museum. They had an exhibit open that showcased work created by NYC makers. There were some pieces that spoke to me... (also a few head-scratchers), but it was a fun outing! I decided afterwards to eat at the restaurant on the upper level of the museum- mostly because I heard it had breathtaking views. When the elevator opened in the restaurant, I realized fairly quickly that I was underdressed and out of place. There was an incredible panoramic view of Columbus Circle and Central park, and all of the tables were filled with elegant Upper West Side women and men in their business suits. So I sat down in my jeans and ordered a burger while I enjoyed the scenery outside the window. I'd say that despite nothing going according to plan (the subway ride, the exhibit, the solo meal), it was still a perfect afternoon!

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