This one's for keeps!

It's been over three years since my trip to the emerald mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The trip was unforgettable and such a valuable experience for me to have as a jeweler and gemologist. I see so many cut gems and pieces of finished jewelry that it's easy sometimes to overlook the incredible natural origins of my materials and, of course, all the hard work that happens from mine to finished product.

Piles of uncut emerald gemstones in Brazil

Holding an uncut piece of emerald gemstone

I returned from Brazil with some beautiful stones, but finally decided that this large 5+ carat emerald is mine for keeps. The stone was a beautiful but challenging cut, with a super deep pavilion (distance from the flat top of the stone to the point on the bottom). But I finally have the perfect piece to wear and enjoy this souvenir from such a memorable adventure!

Side view of completed emerald and diamond gold ring for Sea and Stone Jewelry

Front view of emerald and diamond ring by Sea and Stone Jewelry

I would like to make a disclaimer and PSA that this strikingly beautiful setting has made me a bit of a hypocrite. I always tell customers that emeralds are not a good candidates for prong setting (I recommend bezels). This ring is NOT an everyday ring. Emeralds are easily chipped and damaged, so I know to wear this beauty very mindfully on special occasions and with much care.

Emerald and Diamond ring on finger of Sea and Stone jewelry founder


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