The Southern C Summit

This week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Southern C Summit in my new home, Charleston, SC!

The Southern C describes themselves as a "virtual front porch for Southern creatives and entrepreneurs". This week, they held their fifth summit. 250+ business owners, entrepreneurs, makers, and bloggers gathered in the Holy City for the three day conference.

The summit was filled with panel discussions, workshops, and presentations to help attendees network and build their brand. As a newcomer to Charleston, I was thrilled to connect with so many other regional entrepreneurs. And I was so delighted to see that so many of them were women!

Less than 30% of all privately owned businesses are owned by women, but that number is climbing every year. To have more successful female entrepreneurs in the world, we as women need to help each other out! And that's why events like this are so great. Instead of being so competitive, we need to encourage and support each other. Connect, Collaborate, Create: That's the mission of the Southern C. It was so wonderful to see so many (predominantly female) business owners and creatives sharing tips/tricks, networking, and building each other up. I think we all learned a tremendous amount from the conference and left with many new relationships.

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