The perks and challenges of being a work-from-home "solopreneur"

As of right now, I am what you would call a "solopreneur". A solopreneur is an entrepreneur who works and operates their business by themselves. SEA+STONE started as a solopreneur company in NYC, then grew to a company with 5 employees while in Charleston. Since I've been settling into my new home in North Carolina and couldn't pack up my marvelous Charleston employees to bring with me, the company is once again a solo act at the moment.

The lifestyle of being an entrepreneur is one that I love. But working from home has its unique perks & challenges, and so does running a business solo.

I'm hopeful that the future will hold at least some part time help at the studio, and I'm working on recruiting some remote employees too! But as for now, here are my thoughts on the perks and challenges of being a solopreneur who works from home!

A work-from-home solopreneur pro & con list:

Pro: My work commute is the walk from my bedroom to the upstairs studio.

Con: It is hard to separate work from leisure since I am always surrounded by my work. It's hard to "turn off" work thoughts when the day is done.


Pro: I can wear whatever I want most days since nobody is at work to judge me!

Con: I have to force myself to put effort forth into getting ready and not just throwing on yoga pants and air-drying my hair everyday


Pro: I get to have my hands in ALL parts of the business.

Con: I have to have my hands in ALL parts of the business. Its fun when it's big ideas, marketing, making jewelry, and sourcing materials. It's not fun when it is punching the holes in my own earring cards, tying price tags on necklaces, generating sales tax reports, or folding tissue inserts for my jewelry boxes, or working in the general administrative minutiae of a small business.


Pro: Everything gets done exactly how I want it done! A major pro for a detail oriented, control-freak.

Con: No matter how hard and long I work, I simply can't do it all. Which causes a lot of stress. But it also forces me to always look for what steps I can automate, outsource, or let go of.


Pro: There is flexibility. I can schedule personal responsibilities into my day and adjust accordingly without having to get approval from anybody.

Con: The scale always tips towards being a workaholic despite the flexibility. Being self-employed means that there is a direct correlation between effort and reward. The harder I work, the more money I get paid. So while some people think a creative, work-from-home business means watching netflix, taking long lunches and crafting all day- my days always have more work than leisure. 


Want to know more about what my typical day looks like? Check out this video for a taste of life as a work-from-home solopreneur!

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