The Big Reveal!

The Big Reveal: Oh Boy! 

Megan P. Connelley
Sea+Stone Founder, Designer, Gemologist, & Soon-To-Be Mom | FL + NC

2018 was a big year! We grew our online website to be better than ever. I found my wonderful, unicorn of a design assistant Bridget to join Sea+Stone. I got to visit the NC coast and took many trips to other coastal destinations for both work & pleasure. We moved to a much bigger office space in the heart of downtown Southern Pines. I survived my first married deployment since becoming a military spouse. And I wrapped up the year with some very exciting news... we're expecting a baby in 2019! This is apparently the cliche sort of timing that people refer to as a "tarmac baby"... a pregnancy that occurs literally as soon as the deployed spouse's plane touches back down on the tarmac at home (LOL). Cliche timing aside, we're very excited to welcome our little one into the world this Summer!

We kept the news to ourselves and decided that Thanksgiving would be the perfect occasion to surprise our families with our new addition! 

As fate would have it, the first trimester and all the yucky feelings that accompany it perfectly coincided with the busiest time of year for Sea+Stone. We had trunk shows booked all throughout the end of the year, and trying to put on my game face while fighting back nausea and the constant desire for naps was QUITE a challenge.

The biggest struggle by far, though, was trying to convincingly pass off my lack of interest in alcohol as part of a "cleanse" to my family leading up to our reveal!

Surprising my Family....

We spent Thanksgiving Day in Tallahassee with my family. I decided we would surprise them over Thanksgiving lunch with a Pinata cake with our announcement reveal inside. 

I had seen pinata cakes all over Instagram throughout the past year, and decided to take a stab at it myself. Pinata cakes are regular cakes, but with a space carved out inside, filled with all sorts of goodies of your choosing! When the cake is cut, the surprise rains out just like when you hit a pinata. 

I doctored up some cake mix with almond extract (because I LOVE all things almond) and some pink & blue food coloring, of course. I then cut 5" circles out of the two middle layers of cake and filled them with pink & blue candy ordered from Amazon... and covered the whole thing in homemade chocolate icing to disguise the vibrant layers. 

Surprising my hubby's Family

We made our way to my hubby's family just after Thanksgiving to surprise them with the news in person too! Our niece had her 6th birthday on Thanksgiving Day, so we used her birthday gift as a way to surprise the whole family. We included a baby doll complete with bottle and diaper bag, a babysitter club book (to prepare her for her upcoming duties), and in the bottom of the box, we folded this shirt from Etsy Seller, BooTees

My sister-in-law kept joking that all she wanted for Christmas was a niece or nephew, so we knew her reaction to the birthday gift would be priceless. We all sat around the table as our niece opened her gift....

A video of both family's reactions!

I made a video compilation of both the Proctor and Connelley family's hysterical reactions to the news here! Kudos to our sisters for being the first to catch on and the most REACTIVE of our family members! lol I still have a hard time not cracking up, even though I've seen the video a million times now!

Just a few weeks after telling them we were expecting, I found out the gender through early blood testing! I got the call from the doctor while my hubby was at work, and put together a little gift box with the help of Katrin, who owns Bump & Baby in nearby Pinehurst, NC. 

My hubby was VERY excited when I surprised him with the news that he'd be having a son!

We're excited to start nesting and getting our home ready for baby. And I've been working hard to get a jumpstart on planning out the Sea+Stone calendar to make the most of our Spring, Fall, and Winter so that I can spend Summer with baby! Stay tuned!


  • Theo will be the luckiest little boy! What great role models. We hope you continue to let us be part of your wonderful family.😘

    Susan and Clayt
  • Congratulations Megan and Jay! Dad and I loved the family revel videos!! Thank you for the sweet card with y’alls pictures!! Love and hugs!!!

    Lane and Uncle George
  • Congratulations, Megan! I am happy for you all! That will be one lucky little boy!


    Cathrine Hansen

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