Silk Knotted Necklaces



When I began to dabble in jewelry making, I started with beading! My love for stringing together new color combinations is really what first got me interested in jewelry design and in furthering my knowledge of gemstones.

I feel like people tend to be dismissive of beading as an art sometimes- often assuming its merely a hobby for whimsical cat ladies or novice crafters. But I'm proud to be one of those crafty beaders, and I'd like to defend the merit of beading!

Beaded jewelry can be found throughout almost every culture's history. Archaeologists have found beads all over the world that date back thousands of years. Just off the top of my head, images of Egyptian headdresses, Cherokee shoes, and Masai necklaces come to mind. Beads can be fashioned out of so many natural objects (nuts, stones, shells)- so it makes sense that it would be a prevalent form of personal adornment for early civilizations. Some cultures even used beads as currency!

Despite it being a primitive art form, beading still holds much relevance in the world of fashion today! Just look at red carpet statement necklaces and the jewels of fashion houses like Cartier! A beaded jade necklace by Cartier sold for 28 Million at auction recently!

Every time I bead, I get excited. Its different than sketching out a fine jewelry design. There's less planning, and the creating process is more fluid and relaxed. Its fun to work through the color combinations and patterns on the fly. Since beading is where I first started as a jewelry-maker, I decided it would be fun to update my approach to beading and incorporate it in my new line, Sea+Stone.

Sea+Stone beaded jewelry bridges the gap between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. Like my fine jewelry, the beaded pieces are heavily inspired by the natural beauty of the materials that I work with. I hand knot precious and semiprecious gemstones on silk thread and highlight them with sterling silver and vermeil components. The pieces are super versatile- easy to dress up or dress down; easy to wear alone or to layer with other pieces! Looking forward to creating more exciting combinations soon:D

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