Jaw Dropping Shark Tooth Styles

Megan Proctor Connelley
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Shark teeth styles that will have jaws dropping all summer long

Discovery Channel originally premiered their "Shark Week" in 1988, making it a Summer TV staple that has been around longer than I have! Watching Shark Week in front of the TV at our family's St. Teresa beach cottage was somewhat of a tradition for me and my sister... (not sure why since it made us fearful of dipping our toes in for the rest of our Summer break). This year, the tradition continues on, starting yesterday, Sunday, July 27th.

Though most of us have a fear (if not, then at least a cautious respect) of sharks, jewelry made from shark teeth has long been seen as a symbol of protection from the dangers of the ocean! 

We love these shark teeth jewels not just as a symbol of protection but as fun, fierce, & feminine styles perfect for beach loving ladies! Each style is cast in precious metal from real shark teeth and is paired with precious & semiprecious gemstones.

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Sharks Tooth & Sapphire Necklace

With a pop of shimmer & cool navy blue color, this necklace is the perfect coastal inspired piece to wear year-round. The necklace features al shark tooth cast in sterling silver/vermeil and hand-knotted sapphire beads. Price: 135-

Shark Tooth Threaders

These delicate yet fierce threaders are the perfect everyday earring. Tiny shark teeth (smaller than a dime) are suspended from vermeil threaders that easily and comfortably pull through the ear & can be worn at different lengths. Price: 55-

Tiny Turquoise & Shark Tooth Necklace

This dainty, hand-knotted African Turquoise necklace features an extra petite, cast shark tooth pendant. The delicate size and adjustable chain make this necklace perfect for layering with other pieces of jewelry! At 15 to 18 inches, this necklace perfectly highlights the collarbone! Price: 125-

Shark Tooth & Gemstone Fringe Necklace

This necklace is simultaneously feminine and fierce. a gold edged sharks tooth pendant hangs from a playful fringe chain. Price: 115-

Oxidized Sharks Tooth Necklace

This coastal necklace can be worn through all seasons.The mix of blackened silver with the gold-edge of the sharks tooth make this piece perfect pairing with a variety of other accessories. Price: 90-

Sterling Petite Sharks Tooth Necklace

This dainty sterling silver sharks tooth can be effortlessly paired with any ensemble. The cast sterling silver sharks tooth sits on an adjustable chain. Price: 195-

Petite Vermeil Sharks Tooth Necklace

Take this dainty sharks tooth with you from day to night. It can be easily paired with any outfit and is made from a cast sharks tooth found in South Carolina. Price: 195-

Sterling Silver Shark Teeth Threaders

The shimmering sterling version of our shark teeth threaders! These feature teeth even more delicate and petite than the vermeil version. These earrings are both comfortable and contemporary! Price: 55-

Looking sharp!

Did you know that we also plate shark teeth in the same gold / silver edging process that we use on our seashell, arrowhead, and antler pendants?! 

If you have a shark tooth that you would like turned into jewelry, send us a message at

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