September Birthstone | Sapphire

I'm a tad late wishing all the September babies a happy birthday!

This month's birthstone is Sapphire. Sapphire is most well known for it's vibrant blue color- but it comes in almost every other color of the spectrum too! When used alone, the word 'sapphire' implies the color blue. Colored sapphires will list the name of the color before the word 'sapphire' as a modifier (e.g. pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, green sapphire). The only exception is red sapphire (corundum), which is considered a Ruby, and therefore belongs to July babies!

Sapphire is found in East Africa, South East Asia, Australia, and even in some parts of the United States! In the US, sapphires can be found in Montana and (as I learned on my mining trip last month) in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Sapphire's beauty and durability make it a hugely popular stone. A member of the corundum species, sapphire is one of the hardest gems- it ranks just beneath diamond on the Mohs scale. This makes it an excellent stone for rings because it is strong enough hold up against every day wear. The stone's strength also gives it a multitude of industrial uses. It is used as watch crystal in most mid to upper level wristwatches (the new apple smart watch for example!). And every time you go to the grocery store and the cashier clanks cans and jars of food against the barcode scanner window...that is made of sapphire crystal as well!

Throughout time, sapphire has symbolized wisdom, royalty, romance, and purity. Metaphysically, it is said that the color of a pure, blue sapphire offers clarity and focus to the mind, allowing people to find truth and knowledge in their lives. Sapphire can be found mentioned in almost every religion's holy texts and lore, and many people have worn the stone for protection and for heavenly blessing.The stone's long history of romance and royalty was modernized by the sapphire engagement ring given to Princess Diana in 1981 by Prince Charles. After Princess Diana's death, the sapphire ring was left to Prince Harry and a watch was left to Prince William. Harry decided that the ring should belong to the future queen, so he gave the sapphire ring to Prince William who presented it to Kate Middleton when they became engaged in 2010. Since then, sapphire engagement rings have seen a huge spike in popularity.

I hope all of you September babies have an amazing birthday month! May it be filled with all of the love, wisdom, and peace that your birthstone represents.

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