SEA+STONE is going to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show


Y'all. I'm BEYOND excited right now! I am leaving for the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show in two days!!

If you don't feel like reading the details, there's a video about our trip here:

I desperately need supplies- gemstones, metals, findings, etc. The holidays were CRAZY busy for me, and I found myself in January short on finished jewelry AND short on the materials to make my jewelry. So I started calling some vendors to stock up..and none of them could fulfill my order until mid-late February, because most of their inventory was tied up in Tucson at the Gem Show.

My hashtag/millennial mantra for this year is #BoldMoves2018. So I thought, what the hell, I could just book a trip to go to Tucson next week!

I looked up my Delta Sky Miles, and quickly realized that not only could I go to Tucson, but I could really get there for free! OBVIOUSLY, I bought the ticket with little to no hesitation.

The Tucson Gem Show started in the 1950's as a small event in an elementary school cafeteria, I believe. Now it is one of the biggest events in the whole world for the jewelry industry! A few years back, I saw a statistic that the Gem & Mineral show generated over $120 million for the local Tucson economy that year.

It was always a dream of mine to go, and two years ago I made that dream happen! The show was insane. I usually attend other gem shows around the country, and the Tucson one was truly an exponential multiplication of the ones I usually attend. To be truthful, it was exhausting and overwhelming... but in a pleasant way. I refuse to complain about my soul and eyes becoming tired from staring at too many sparkly, beautiful objects.

Piles of uncut gemstones at gem show in Tucson Arizona

I'm so excited to go back again and to collect some new treasures and supplies for SEA+STONE to use in 2018. I'm really looking forward to rolling out some new creations this year, and Tucson is the perfect place to get inspired.

Speaking of new creations... please comment below to let me know what YOU would like to see from SEA+STONE this year! I love getting feedback on trends, materials, colors, etc. that my clients are craving!

While I'm out there, I plan on sharing the event on my IG story and will hopefully be able to do some Live videos so that you can experience all the wonderment as well. Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @seaandstonejewelry !

Colorful sunset and palm trees in Tucson Arizona

I've been talking to my friend and fellow jeweler, Kristen Baird Rabun. She is going to be attending the show, so I'm super excited to meet up with her! We're hoping to attend a couple of workshops together and maybe even do a video together- sharing our experience at the show!

I hope y'all will tag along with me on this journey!

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  • Your favorite gemstones
  • Jewelry styles you want us to make
  • Colors or stones you want to wear
  • Trends you DON'T want to see from us
  • Things you want to see or know about the gem show
  • Things we're doing that you want us to expand on

Desert and Mountains in Tucson Arizona




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