SEA+STONE goes FB Live

Yikes, y'all! I FINALLY ventured into the world of Facebook Live. Many of you might have heard about how Facebook is changing their algorithm. From a personal point-of-view, I don't think it's a bad thing. I would love to see more of the people I love and less of the spammy sorts of videos, promotions, and news.

On the flip side, Facebook has been a very valuable tool for me as I grow my business. That being said, I'm a little tired of hearing business owners gripe about the changes to Facebook...because *NEWS FLASH* technology changes. Part of the fun of having a business in this very connected and technological time is learning to adapt!

That being said, I try very hard not just to share my creations on Facebook, but to also add blog articles and posts that are meaningful and real! I love being able to use technology as a way to grow my relationship with clients and to meet new people with similar interests.

That all being said, Facebook's algorithm will continue to prioritize video and even more so- live video.

I think adapting is fun.. but did I mention, that like many people, I have a touch of social anxiety. How bizarre and humorous that I could have social anxiety while sitting at my kitchen table, alone with my laptop. There really is something terrifying about clicking that "Go Live" button. I was seriously paralyzed with fear that I would say or do something catastrophically embarrassing.

But.. my husband and I have decided that our hashtag of the year (think of it as a millennial's mantra) is #BoldMoves2018. So I took a bold move last night and did my first live video. It was unannounced (didn't want TOO many people tuning in). And THANK YOU GOD, I survived without embarrassing myself.

The video was basically asking for your recommendations on things to do on our upcoming trip to Wilimington / Carolina Beach! My hubby and I decided to go, and since I've never been- I'm interested in fun things to see, places to eat, stores to visit, etc!

Also wanting to know... whats on your reading list for 2018! I'm trying to put my book list together and would love to know what reads you recommend:D

Check out the whole Live Video here:


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