Review it forward!

When you log on to Amazon and search for a product to buy, chances are the results will yield a barrage of listings for relevant products with small differences in price, aesthetics, and function. How do you pick the product that you "add to cart"? You look for the product with the most amount of positive customer feedback!

When you're traveling somewhere new and want a bite to eat, how do you settle on which restaurant to dine at? "Googling" is an actual verb in Merriam-Webster dictionary for a reason! You probably use your phone to search "Seafood dinner in Charleston" then sort through the various listings and reviews on Google & Yelp. This will quickly show you where the most popular dinner spots are and what people have to say about them. 

We rely on technology more than ever, and the same is true for small businesses. The majority of my customers link to my website through social media platforms like Facebook or through Google searches. For this reason, online reputation building is critical. 

I get emails all the time from businesses asking me to review their products and services...and I'll be honest, those emails often find their way straight to my trash bin.  Life is so busy and those emails usually find me at a time that I have plenty of more urgent matters on my to-do list. But I got to thinking about how much positive reviews have helped me and my business. Getting customer feedback really means the world to me. And how long does it really take to click on some stars and add a few supporting sentences? Literally LESS THAN A MINUTE!

So I'm starting a personal campaign to "Review it forward". I logged on to my Facebook today and left reviews on a number of small businesses that have impressed me recently. And from now on, whenever Sea+Stone gets a new review, I will "review it forward" by leaving my positive feedback for another small business. I'm also going to stop deleting all the emails asking me to review other businesses. If I'm free, I will take a moment to leave a review and if I'm not free, I will flag them for follow-up.

If you happen to have a moment this Sunday evening while you browse the internet in hopes of avoiding the looming reality of Monday & a new work week, I would like to invite you to join my movement and leave feedback for 3 local or small businesses that you like. It can be a shop, designer, blogger, restaurant, service provider (hair, nails, massages, etc)! The cool thing about supporting small business is that each order, booking, shoutout, check-in, and review really does make an actual person very happy.

***If Sea+Stone happens to be one of your three reviews, I'll be extra grateful and promise to pay the review forward!***


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!





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