Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

It has been four months since I took the plunge out of my desk job and into the world of entrepreneurship, and finally this week I will have something tangible to show for it! My first few pieces of jewelry should be completed by Friday.

Starting my own business has been such an exercise in patience! There are so many details that I want to be perfect, and finessing them doesn't happen overnight! Metal moves slowly and my designs don't always materialize as quickly as I would like them to. The process can be a lengthy one, but my favorite part about being a designer has always been seeing an idea evolve into something physical and enduring.

My process goes something like this: source inspiring stones, sketch ideas, reject ideas, sketch more ideas, pick the best ideas, render designs on the computer in orthographic views, create specs with measurements and production instructions, have the spec turned into a 3D computer model, print the 3D model in wax, cast the wax in gold, clean the casting, drill the holes for the stones, set the stones, clean the jewelry- VOILA! One piece completed!

One of the biggest hurdles I had to work through was finding suppliers who I wanted to work with. I'm excited to be able to say that all of my jewelry will be made start-to-finish here in the US. My diamonds are all conflict free and come from vendors who are full participants in the Kimberley Process. And I've made every effort to ensure that my precious metals come from earth friendly refineries that use recycled metal. It took some time to find the perfect people to partner with to create my jewelry in the way I wanted it made, but I'm confident that it'll be worth the extra effort!

With my first round of samples getting the finishing touches, I'm getting very excited to finally share my jewelry with the world.

Personal adornment is something that fascinates me and means a lot to me. Archeology can prove that as long as humans have existed, so has personal adornment. Its human nature to want to decorate the body, and virtually every culture across the world and throughout recorded history has had some form of adornment .We use it as decoration, as personal expression, as a way of conveying status,  a way of expressing love, proving allegiance, and as talismans or amulets to provide luck and protection. Jewelry is so deep in personal meaning, and that's what has always drawn me to it as an art form.

My two biggest hopes for my jewelry are that:

1) It will be a celebration of life and personal style- delightful and enjoyable to wear. Something that takes on character and meaning when it enters someone's collection.

2) It will be a celebration of the natural beauty of my materials. When you stop to think that these little treasures were created naturally by our planet- HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Staring into a piece of labradorite or opal can be like glimpsing into another realm- its a bit mind blowing! And the Earth did that on its own without any human interference. Its proof that nature is the most talented artist of us all, and I hope that my jewelry will pay homage to it's beautiful creations.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest in what I'm doing! I'm very eager to show you what I've been working on. Hopefully in just a few more days, my patience on the finishing touches pays off and I'll have some beautiful first pieces to share with you.


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