November Birthstone | Topaz

Happy November, everyone! And happy birthday-month to all the November babies! Topaz is the birthstone of the month.

Topaz comes in so many hues- but the most prized of the hues is the pinkish orange of Imperial Topaz. Imperial topaz can resemble fine padparadsha sapphire. The word "Topaz" comes from the Sanskrit word, "tapa" which means fire. On my trip to Brazil a few months ago, I had the pleasure of seeing heaps of beautiful imperial topaz straight from the mine! I'll never forget walking around the small mining town, when a local pulled me aside and casually dumped a bag of imperial topaz rough on the hood of a car for me to take a look at!

Classic golden colored topaz is often confused with Citrine. In fact, throughout history, any stone with a yellow-golden hue was referred to as Topaz. It wasn't until the end of the 16th century that the name became exclusive to the silicate mineral that we know as Topaz today. Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz and is considerably less expensive than topaz of the same color. Because of this, Citrine is a great alternative birthstone for the month of November.

Topaz has a large variety of healing properties. It is strongly associated with clarity and solution-finding. It is supposed to aid in understanding and enhance creativity. The stone can also be worn to protect against and eliminate negative thoughts. Since it is a stone named after fire, people have used it through the years to help the treatment of burns and the curing of fevers.

It seems very suiting with all of the warm hues of Fall leaves outside right now, that November's birthstone is topaz! I hope that everyone has a spectacular, golden November ahead.

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