Movin' on Up | Movin' Downtown.

Megan P. Connelley
Thank God I'm a military spouse, because I am supremely talented at moving around.

One would think I ENJOY moving...based on how much I seem to do it.


(Then I missed the South)


(Then I fell in love)


(Then I needed to keep work+home separate)


(Which we've outgrown)

And NOW...

SEA+STONE has found a new home in the heart of downtown Southern Pines, NC. We will be transitioning into this new space later this month, and I could not be more excited!

Our new location will give us 5x the space of our current office. While it is not a retail storefront, it will be a fabulous SEA+STONE HQ with room to work, availability for local pickup, and appointment-only jewelry viewings. 

When I got married last year, I was really nervous about how my new life as a military spouse would impact SEA+STONE.

There are surely lots of challenges this presents:

Juggling responsibilities during deployments. Getting new orders and moving every couple years. Not being able to lay physical "roots" for my business because of relocations. Trying to hire and provide consistent employment in an atmosphere of constant flux. Adjusting licensing, tax reporting, etc along the way.


While I feared that my business would struggle because of all of this. I'm very humbled and happy to say that instead it has thrived!

Both our brand + our team have grown over the last year. We have several incredibly talented remote artisans and creatives who contribute to SEA+STONE from around the East Coast. And a huge shoutout to Bridget, my in-house creative assistant and fellow mil-spouse, who makes absolute magic happen at our Southern Pines studio. 

Our online business has increased exponentially over the last year. This was so important to me, because regardless of where we move, our website will always be a place for our clients and followers to connect with us. 

In June, we had to completely stop taking orders to allow for time to catch up on production and existing orders. While it was a little stressful, it was such a 180 from all the uncertainty I felt surrounding my business just a year ago. 

Thank Y'ALL  so much for the opportunity to keep growing + for continuing to support and encourage us on every step of this journey! We're so excited to move into our new space and to have more room to grow our brand! 

Want to help us lighten our load before we move?


We only do this once each year, and we decided there was no time like the present to lighten our load. We've marked down prices on our handmade jewelry so that y'all can enjoy the discounts... while we enjoy moving less inventory across town!


  • Megan, I am so excited for you! You really work hard and inspire me to keep going on in my own art business. Take care and best wishes!

    Suzanne Conner
  • Megan! I am beyond exited to see your new space! You know I love all your pieces and I can’t get enough of them. Every time I visit to check out what’s new and up-and-coming I always leave your space with a new beautifuly crafted piece of jewelry (even if that wasn’t completely my intention when visiting). 😂
    Love love love it all!
    Keep it up my fellow entrepreneur! 😘

  • Congrats! So exciting! Keep creating, I love ALL your pieces!

  • Megan, I’m constantly amazed by your talent, not only your incredible designs, but the talent you are blessed with in thinking of others and your way with details. You leave no “stone”unturned! You remind me of your Mom, Dad and Emily! You all possess a ton of talent!! I’m just happy to call all of you my friends❣️

    Louise Putney

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