I'll get to the POINT: I'm in love with these knives <3

Two fun facts that you might not have known about me:

1. I love scrimshaw. Scrimshaw is the art of carving or engraving bone or ivory. Historically, this art form was often practiced on the bones of marine mammals, like whales. Since the carvings were mostly inscribed into marine animal bones, the designs were often nautical in nature. Obviously harvesting whale bone for art is unethical by modern standards, but the carvings are still practiced modern day using bones of various animals who die from natural causes or from being hunted for food.

2. I love knives. Yikes, this statement already sounds creepy. You'll just have to take my word that I'm not sinister and strange. I just really appreciate the utility of having a knife. Pocket knives come in very handy and also make me feel safe. I really appreciate the beauty of knives- I love wood and stone inlay, as well as the various metal working techniques involved in making knives.

I recently stumbled upon a batch of knives that I just couldn't pass up. They just SPOKE to me. I love that they are made from scrimshaw (ox / cow bone). They all feature 440 stainless steel blades. The scrimshaw is created using a sealed black india ink... and to top it all off, the artist is a female (and I'm all about that #girlpower). Each knife is water resistant (not water proof).

The nautical and wildlife motifs spoke directly to the essence of and inspiration behind SEA+STONE, so I thought y'all might like these too! While most of my online shop is filled with items that are handmade by me & my team, I just felt that these beautiful pocket knives sat so well with my collection and offered a fun, unisex item in our store. So here are some of my first curated goods on our online store!

Message us at info@seaandstonejewelry.com to preorder, or check back on our website this Wednesday at 12:00PM to shop the full collection of knives.


Nautical Scrimshaw Pocketknife with Ship and Compass

Scrimshaw pocketknife with mermaid design

Scrimshaw pocketknife with lighthouse design

Scrimshaw pocketknife with buck deer design

Nautical scrimshaw pocketknife with anchor and ship design

Nautical scrimshaw pocketknife with ship and whale tail design

Multiple blade scrimshaw pocketknife with mermaid designMultiple blade scrimshaw pocketknife with buck deer design

Triple blade scrimshaw pocketknife with mermaid designScrimshaw pocketknife with lighthouse and ship design



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