Horn: A Sustainable Statement Piece

Tracy Brown
Fashion Editor, Beauty Writer, Lover of Sand & Salt Water | Kennesaw, GA.


Up-Cycled Horn Jewelry

In South Asia, domesticated water buffalo and bovines are a staple of everyday life. These domesticated species are used much in the same way that we use domesticated cows. They provide milk, meat and material for the many inhabitants that use them to sustain life. They are not killed for their horns or bones. Domesticated water buffalo should not be confused with the wild water buffalo which are much-endangered due to a loss of habitat, interbreeding, disease and hunting. An important difference from our own country is that Asian cultures have for generations ensured that no part of the animal goes to waste. They save the horns and bones to be used in manufacturing like clothing, furniture, shoes or jewelry making. New generations of makers and designers, like us here at SEA+STONE, are using this horn and bone to create jewelry that embodies the spirit of nature and reminds the world how all living things are interconnected. It’s a push to understand that if we use, we must not waste.

Loving horn jewelry

Horn jewelry is sustainable because it’s truly organic and made from materials that would otherwise go to waste. It’s not made with any chemical processes and gives a true bohemian nod to the idea of encompassing an all-natural wardrobe. The horn comes in a wide variety of colors from sand, to amber, to chocolate and black. This variation of colors is aesthetically beautiful and can make a wide variety of rustic jewelry. Horn and bone is very durable and can be used to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. This repurposed material is usually found in unique designs that encompass elements of the wild spirit. It requires special care to keep it beautiful. Since it is made from horn and bone, it’s prone to splintering. To prevent this, you can periodically cover your piece in coconut oil (every few weeks or so is great). You’ll also want to keep it safe from sun exposure and avoid exposing it to dramatic temperature shifts.  

As future generations inherit a planet that has been abused and not replenished, it’s up to consumers to choose products that tie into a bigger purpose of overall sustainability. As we navigate the ways in which to do this, buying sustainable jewelry and products that ensure that waste is limited is a great way to start.  Each time you wear your horn and bone jewelry, you’ll think of the gift that has been given to help life continue to thrive and grow. And hopefully, you’ll think of ways to help give back to this beautiful place we call Earth. 

Explore our horn jewelry

Horn is one of our favorite materials to work with because it offers the scale of statement jewelry with a comfortable & lightweight feel! Below are some of our latest horn creations- perfect for embellishing any outfit with rustic, bohemian flair! 

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