Friday the 13th: Our favorite opal jewelry for a day of superstition!

Friday the 13th has a long history & superstition of being an unlucky day. And today is that day! Does it feel heavy with the possibility of misfortune & weirdness?! The day is made only spookier when it falls in the same month as Halloween. 

I looked up the history of this superstition and it turns out that it is rooted in both the fear of the number 13 and of Friday. I suppose in conjunction- they're a double whammy. My first question was: Who fears Friday?!? I, like most people I know, LIVE for Friday.

The earliest reference to Friday and the number 13 being unlucky in conjunction probably stems from religion and the story of Jesus. Thirteen people were in attendance of the last supper (which was held on a Thursday), and the crucifixion of Jesus was the next day, on Good Friday. The 13th guest at the last supper was also said to be Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus.

Have you heard any other explanations for the fear of Friday the 13th? If so, tell us about it in the comments!

Another source of superstition this month is the October birthstone: opal! Opals are my favorite gemstone. They're captivatingly colorful & sparkly, and look like they hold a universe within them. Much like Friday the 13th, people have long associated opals with a lot of lore and superstition. Among the superstition surrounding opals are:

  • Only those born in October should wear opals. It is bad luck to all others.
  • An opal shouldn't be used in an engagement ring. Legend holds that an opal engagement ring is an indicator that the bride may become an early widow. Unless, weirdly, if the stone is surrounded by diamonds...which for some reason is said to negate the bad fortune.
  • Black opals are inversely associated with good luck
  • Opals should never be given or received as a gift. They should only be purchased by the owner.
  • Opals lose their color and shine with the death of their owner


I don't buy into any of the superstitions. I've received opals as gifts, I was NOT born in October, I wear them often- and not always set with diamonds. I think they're lucky, and they bring me great joy every time I wear them. I'd like to counter all the superstition with these thoughts.

  • Opals are full of a spectrum of colors, just like a rainbow. Rainbows are said to be lucky, and opals are simply a rainbow you can wear.
  • Because of their fantastic colors, Ancient Greeks believed that opals literally came from the heavens.
  • I feel a strong connection to the water. As humans, a large percentage of our bodies are made of water! Likewise, opal is a gemstone with high water content. Both opals and humans need water to be our best, most sparkly selves!

Here are some of our favorite October styles with links- despite their spooky superstition!

1. Opal & Diamond Studs in Sterling Silver $150

2. Opal, Diamond, & Pearl Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver $195


3. Opal, Diamond, & Pearl Drop Earrings in Vermeil $195

4. Black Opal Necklace with 17-20" Extender Chain $275

5. Opal, Diamond, & Pyrite Necklace $325

6. Hand Knotted Ethiopian Opal Necklace $495-$915

7. Dainty Opal & Diamond Pendant Necklace $225

8. Multicolored Opal Necklace $325

9. 14k Yellow Gold, Opal, & Diamond Necklace $475



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