Crystal Healing Energy.... Help or Hype?

Tracy Brown

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The Power of Healing Crystals

As a lover of the ocean, I’ve always been drawn to the ebb and flow of nature. The universe is intertwined in this beautiful array of energy and I love the smell and feel of that source of freedom. Even as a child, I very distinctly remember winning first place in the science fair for my collection or rocks and crystals in elementary school. It’s something I shared with my grandfather. I can remember the feel of amethyst and the wonder that I saw as I peered deeply into the depths of that purple stone. It seemed as if the world slowed down and time nearly stopped. All felt right with the world during those beautiful moments spent learning about various crystals, rocks and stones. I loved listening to my grandpa’s stories of gem hunting in the Dakotas. I loved knowing how minerals and sediment molded together to form such beauty right there in the Earth, free of charge. It was exciting and fascinating. As I grew, I naturally forgot about the power and excitement that was found in these little stones. That is until recently when I learned just how much healing crystals are being used today and what effect they can have on those that believe in them. I was super excited to learn more about the process.

The Magic of the Crystal

Healing Crystals are actually a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that are used to treat a variety of different illnesses, ranging from gastrointestinal problems to anxiety. Most commonly used in developing countries, it’s currently on the rise in developed countries like our own. With roots in Indian and Greek culture, healing crystals are believed to carry good energy and vibrations into the aura of those that use them. Typically, you will first visit with a spiritual healer who is well-versed in the correct crystal for your specific needs. You may even be asked to choose a crystal that you feel connected with. Your healer will then advise you on how to remove negative energy from the stone and begin to reap the benefits of the energy of the crystal. Some popular choices are moonstone for stress, celestite for anxiety, amethyst for balance and black onyx for happiness. Some receivers place them around their house, on their nightstand or wear them as beautiful jewelry carried with them at all times.

Help or Hype?

Though their use is gaining in popularity, the absolute scientific backing seems to be the one thing that’s missing when it comes to their use. Not a whole of research has tackled the subject of crystals used in healing and there haven’t been any real, viable research conducted that proves they increase energy flow. Medical doctors seem to be in a consensus that it is better to seek out Western medicine first before relying on energy from crystals to heal disease. However, what is very much true is that healing crystals do cause a certain placebo effect in those that use them. Time and time again, research has shown that the placebo effect can really make a difference in the life of a patient. By feeling and thinking positively, you can actually change what’s going on with your physical state. A big chunk of crystal users can be feeling those effects and reaping amazing benefits from their stones. With that being said, the power of healing crystals really does rest with the one that’s using them. So if you feel like they help calm your cares and inspire your confidence, they may be exactly what you need to help refuel and re-center. When it comes to the power of nature, there’s really nothing that can harness its unbelievable wonder-- -and that, my friends, is completely and utterly magic.

What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments below if you love using your healing crystals or if you think it's a bunch of hippie hype.

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