Beach Bliss - Why the Ocean Makes Us Happy

Tracy Brown
Fashion Editor, Beauty Writer, Lover of Sand & Salt Water | Kennesaw, GA

Beach Buzz: 7 Scientific Reasons You Love The Ocean

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting by the sea, smelling the distinctly refreshing smell of salt water, and feeling the breeze from the waves sweep through your sun kissed hair. There’s just something about the ocean that makes us feel calm and relaxed. Since the beginning of time, the ocean has been a natural refuge for those looking to rejuvenate the soul or just get closer with the ones they love. The massive all-encompassing ocean has the ability to put all things in our tiny lives into perspective. Time spent in sand and by the sea gives us just enough free space to clear our minds and start over fresh. But what is it about the ocean that draws us near? Why do we feel so connected there? The answer lies in science. Here are seven awesome reasons why you’re forever craving that beach bum status.

Healing waters.

Over half of your body is made up of water. It’s a basic building block for each of us and our planet is made up of mostly water. The entire water cycle of the Earth helps keep Mother Nature functioning. In ancient times, Romans used hot baths as a way to heal wounds. Today, water is still seen as a healing element, restoring your body to a calmer, more rejuvenated state. Every basic cellular process of your body needs water to function.

Blue, Blue Baby.

The very color of pool and beach and the various home styles surrounding the beach can evoke feelings of relaxation and calm. Deep blue colors helps your brain think clearer while light blue colors promote peace and tranquility of the mind.

The Salt Life.

Do you love that salty air? Yep, it’s rooted in science too. At places of collected, moving water (like rivers, waterfalls and the ocean), molecules called negative ions are released. These molecules are made up of oxygen atoms combined with an extra electron. When we breathe them in, they enter the bloodstream and instantly boost our mood (Hello, Serotonin!). They are being studied as a way to combat depression and seasonal affective disorder!

Sand Between Your Toes.

The feel of sand has been used by the Tibetan monks, as well as, Preschoolers for years to elicit calm, zen-like feelings. Touching something so tactile allows your brain to travel outside itself and promote mindfulness. Because of the infinite creative possibilities that lies within sand, your brain gets a break from the clutter of the everyday and instead, allows you just to be present in the moment

Prince of Tides.

There’s nothing more exciting than learning about the pull of the tides. The way that the Earth, Moon and Sun work together with gravity is like utterly mind-blowing. If we aren’t connected to nature enough, the pull of the tides also plays a role in how well we sleep. The moon and tides go through certain lunar phases that affect our sleep cycle. Though research is still ongoing, could it be possible that we are lulled to sleep by the extra O2 and the pull of the tides?

Take It Slow.

When the waves fall on the shore and the seagulls fly by… it’s undeniably captivating. So captivating that we’ve harnessed the sound and provided it in noise machines hundreds of miles from the actual beach! Why? It’s because sound is processed in several areas of the brain causing your brain to activate in different ways than it does when music isn’t played. The result can vary from making you want to dance from joy to revel in the peace of tranquility. Hearing the noise can also bring back feelings of calm and peace that you’ve had at the ocean before. Sort-of like a sensory memory that you call forth when you hear the certain sound.

Vitamin Sea.

Spending time out in the sun causes your body to make vitamin D which helps aid in bone health and overall health. Many Americans are deficient in this vitamin thanks to 9 to 5 office jobs where the only light they see all day is fluorescent. Being at the beach for the week can help your body produce this important vitamin that is only found in a few foods naturally, in a few fortified foods and mostly from the solar mecca itself.

So what’s the moral of the story? Go ahead and book that beach vacay! Time spent near the shore really does help improve our mood, balance our body and restore our soul. All aboard! How does the beach make you feel?


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