A belated Thanksgiving Post

I didn't post at all on Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, but I suppose there's never a bad time to practice gratitude! This is my belated post giving thanks!

I am on cloud nine this week because so many exciting things are happening!

When I first started planning my jewelry line back in July,  I realistically didn't think I would be able to launch until the Spring.

The last five months have been such a wild and wonderful journey for me! Its incredible how much can happen in that amount of time. Early in the Summer, I left the corporate world, decided to work on my own jewelry, and then embarked on the adventure of a lifetime to Brazil. Before I left, I had a head full of ideas and nothing tangible to show for them. When I came back from my travels, I was so full of inspiration and hit the ground running.

Once I started working on creating my own jewelry again, I found myself working all hours of the day and night simply because I was having such a great time! The past few months have been both incredibly productive and incredibly satisfying. It is so nice to have a creative outlet to call my own again.

Things came together much more quickly than I anticipated. (Time flies when you're having fun, I suppose!) Last week, I counted and realized that I now have 23 different styles in my inventory. Its still a small batch- but it is so much more than I had ever hoped to have made by the end of the year.

With my inventory accumulating, I decided that I would begin work on my online store!

A few months ago, I was chatting at the Gemological Institute of America with my friend (fellow jewelry designer and SCAD alumna), Madeline Michael. We were both enrolled a diamond class while working on our own jewelry designs. (Check out her beautiful jewelry at http://www.madelinejewelry.com/ ). While talking about building our websites, she was kind enough to recommend a photographer to me.

I'm so grateful for the recommendation! My jewelry images for the Sea+Stone online store look so stunning due to the talented Maureen Peabody! Maureen is a jeweler and photographer. It was so wonderful to have someone familiar with the small details of jewelry shoot my work. She absolutely captured the essence of my collection. Check her out at http://maureenpeabody.com .

As of today, the photography can be found on the official Sea+Stone website! We officially launched a few months ahead of schedule! Maureen was kind enough to shoot and edit numerous shots of 23 pieces of jewelry in just three days! Once her part was done, my friends over at Compass Marketing and Consulting in Tallahassee poured hours of work into seaandstonejewelry.com and cranked out a gorgeous site for me- just in time for the holidays! The website is even more spectacular than I had ever dreamed!

I have so much gratitude for the people who helped me make this goal for 2015 a reality in 2014! I so appreciate everyone's time, work, and talent that went into building this!

Also big thanks to the friends and family who have encouraged me to follow my dream! There were times that I wondered if I was crazy. (And I appreciate everyone who convinced me that passion and craziness weren't necessarily synonymous!) It was scary trading in my desk job for the unknown, but I'm glad everyday that I took the plunge.  When I go to bed now, I'm proud and fulfilled by how I've spent my day, and I'm eager for what the next one holds!

SO much to be thankful for :D

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