7 Fun Weekend Activities for the Homebody

Tracy Brown
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7 Fun Weekend Activities for the Homebody

You know the drill. Girlfriend #1 is just dying for you to go out with her on Saturday night while girlfriend #2 is has bugged you all week to come with her on a shopping extravaganza, brunch included. As tempting as these extracurriculars may be, it’s quite alright if you have something a little more solo in mind.  After all, who wouldn’t love a good weekend staycation far away from the worries of normal, everyday life? We all need a little time away from the grind and if you swing it right, you might just find your home can easily become the relaxing retreat you didn’t even know you needed. Here’s how to rock the weekend at home and why you’ll be so glad you did.

Make Matching OUtfits

Weekend time is the perfect time to fall into fashion heaven. Take all of your clothes out of your closet and then recombine them to form new, unique outfits. Think wraps over dresses and unexpected pops of color. Change up the scarf you wear with your favorite jacket and wear a new pair of shoes with your favorite skirt. These kinds of closet combos can help you stay organized, get prepped for your week and ensure that your outfits always look brand new. 

Go extra: Watch a few episodes of “Project Runway” or another fashion show to get inspired before you start your own closet makeover! 

Create a movie marathon

Seek out the Netflix and ye shall reap the benefits of a truly relaxing weekend. Choose a few movies that you haven’t seen in a while and go crazy watching as much as you can. To up the ante, have fun movie inspired snacks like popcorn and chocolate. 

Go extra: Make it a theme night! Choosing movies by decade is a great way to make your movie marathon even more fun! Rat Pack anyone? 

A Twist On Spa Night

Create your own homemade spa ingredients right out of the cabinet. You can find some great recipes for homemade sugar scrubs, hair treatments and natural exfoliates online. After you whip up the ingredients, you get to partake in the best part---trying them out! 

Go extra: Set the mood in the tub by lighting candles all around and adding a fun bath confetti in your tub! 

SEEk a takeout takeover

Take your weekend staycation seriously and refuse to cook anything! Instead, order all of your food from your favorite takeout places! To make it exciting, try to pick something new that is out of your comfort zone! 

Go extra: Order some food from another place entirely! Ship yourself Italian Beef from Chicago, lobster from Maine or dessert from France---all of which are available to order online. Just make sure you schedule your food to arrive before the end of your staycation. 

Dress up for a dance party

We are talking about going full-on “Flash Dance” attire while you pretend to pour a bucket of water all over yourself. Turn the music up loud and really take the time to learn the moves to “Thriller” or “Footloose.” You’ll have a great workout and learn some party moves for the next time you want to be social.
Go extra: Set up a camera and film your dance moves! You’ll have a blast watching it back and you’ll know exactly what moves you need to work on. I mean, who can really do the “floss” anyway? Who knows? Maybe with a little practice, you can do it perfect. 

CLean with company

If you love the weekends at home because you like to clean and organize, you’ll be happy to know about “Clean with Me” videos on YouTube! Say what? Yes! You can actually pull up videos that help motivate and inspire you to clean your own house! You’ll get awesome tips for keeping things spick and span! I don’t know why it works, but it really does. Trust me! --- I haven’t cleaned alone since. 

Go extra: Make a plan to tackle something you have been putting off but really need to do. Go ahead and spend a weekend cleaning those blinds or organizing the attic. Once you’re done, it will feel oh so good! 

really get unplugged

That’s right! To really soak up your time at home, you need to fully unplug for the whole time! Though a frightening idea, it will feel like you have won the jackpot of alone time. Turn off your cell phone, hide away like a recluse and even refuse to watch the news. Disappearing for a few days can really reset and recharge your batteries. 

Go extra: Unplug the T.V. too and spend your time doing quiet, soul-refreshing activities like reading, journaling, gardening or coloring. You’ll be amazed at how much you are inspired by the recharge time and just how great you feel for getting away for just a bit of me-time. 

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