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I purchased a necklace and bracelet and they are beautiful! Very unique and meaningful! I received them quickly after purchasing online. They were packaged well and Megan was great at answering all questions. I will definitely come back to this shop for more purchases in the future!

Ashley N.

My fatal flaw in choosing jewelry from Sea + Stone is the impossible task of deciding which piece is my favorite. No kidding! The uniqueness and quality of these necklaces, earrings, and rings is exceptional.

Susan T.

If you love the beach and want to share it with others, you must purchase an exquisite piece from Sea and Stone! Words are inadequate to describe the beautiful oyster shell, scalloped in gold, and attached to a lovely strand of pearls that I purchased last week. 

Lydia M.

Megan is a wonderful entrepreneur and so talented, sharp and knows a lot about her products. 

Ashley W.

I love my beautifully made necklace with oyster pendant, and the packaging that it arrived in was beautiful too! The necklace is very well made and unique. It’s obvious that a lot of craftsmanship goes into making the oyster shell into a lovely finished piece of jewelry, and the stringing of the beads, which are all hand knotted in between each bead. I am so pleased! Highly recommend!

Julie L.

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